365 Garage Doors off track, Fishers IN

Are you having issues with an off-track garage door? When your garage door is off track, it means various parts of the operator system came off or are undone. A garage door coming off track leads to potential safety hazards. There are a number of reasons this happens, the most common ones are, rollers jumping out of the garage door tracks, a spring breaking, so now only one side is being lifted up, or the garage door panels are bent and are exiting the garage door tracks.

If your garage door came off the track, 365 Garage Doors can help you. Our professional team of technicians can take any garage door off the track and put it back in place. From repair to replacement, we have the knowledge and tools to fix this problem. Our inspection allows us to figure out the potential causes of off-track doors.


First, 365 Garage Doors identifies the key reasons for off-track garage doors. Before we begin our repairs, we must determine the cause. One common method is a garage door wheel falling off track, which in turn, is a forceful hit. If your vehicle accidentally strikes the garage door, it causes damage, which bends the metal tracks. Whenever you operate the garage door in a damaged state, the misalignment results in the door falling off or out of place.

Broken cables are another concern. Your garage door has cables on each side of the door. If one or both of them breaks, it can cause your garage door to fall off track. It might be the result of wear and tear throughout the years. The same goes for chains, depending on the type of garage you use; broken cables or chains should be repaired immediately.

If you have a garage door off track with no visible damage, another reason could be hardware. Daily usage of the garage door results in the movement of hardware inside. The nuts and bolts are what keeps the mechanisms together when you use it. If the mechanical parts of the garage start to loosen up over time, they eventually come off.

Finally, there is also grease. If it builds up within your garage door, the resulting grime causes the wheels to get stuck within the tracks. It prevents the garage door from opening and closing properly. Dirty tracks require extensive cleaning to get rid of.

Keep in mind if your garage door fell off track, you shouldn’t try to push it back by yourself. Moving the roller back into place is a dangerous idea. You need technical expertise to handle the situation. 365 Garage Doors can perform this task for you.

Repair and Replacement

365 Garage Doors provides you off track services for your garage doors. Whether a wheel is missing, a chain is broken, or the door is misaligned, we can fix it. Our services are available seven days a week, so contact us whenever your garage door goes off track. We guarantee customer satisfaction with professional service, friendly technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment. If you have an off-track garage door, you can depend on us to get the job done for you.