365 Garage Doors PANEL REPAIR, Fishers IN

Garage door panels are sections that make up the entire door. Each of these panels is held, in place, together with hinges. With that said, you need to take care of these panels. If a panel or two is damaged or dented, it requires a garage door panel replacement. You don’t want to leave your garage exposed, which is why it’s important to fix these issues as soon as possible. It’s also good to avoid structural damage to your household.

The good thing is you don’t necessarily need to replace the entire garage door, no matter what others tell you. Do keep in mind though, the more panels you replace, the more the costs start to pile up. All you need to do is focus on the single panel that requires either a repair or a replacement, rather than replace the whole door. Moreover, we advise you not to try and replace a panel by yourself – consider professional help from the experts in panel replacement; 365 Garage Doors can give you exactly what you need.

Garage Door Panel Issues

If your garage door suffers any sort of structural damage, you only have to replace one of the panels. You don’t have to replace the entire door. 365 Garage Doors takes into consideration different scenarios in which your panels are damaged. Doing so allows us to figure out the best method to make a replacement.

Bent Garage Door Panels

Bent Panels

Bent panels can happen from anything really, from collision to kids playing close and running into them. Over time, rust can take effect with the mechanical parts that can result in slower performances and grinding noises within the mechanism.

Broken Garage Door

Broken Panels

Broken panels are more serious than bent ones, for a few reasons. Whether a vehicle hits it too hard or stormy weather brings flying debris into it, broken panels leave a big opening in your garage and expose your vehicle and other belongings to the outside. Aging also plays a major factor. Whether your panels are made of wooden or metal materials, eventually, they break down and require a repair in certain cases, replacements in others.


365 Garage Doors offers a replacement for garage door panels of all kinds. We know that it can be a complicated process, fixing garage door panels, but our knowledgeable team has the right tools and experience to do the job right the first time around. Give us a call so we can replace your panels; likewise, we are open seven days a week for your convenience.