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Don’t let their size fool you, the rollers on your garage door could have an impact on the overall operation of your door. If the garage door rollers are out of whack, then so is the rest of the door. You’ll probably notice the door shake, rather than run smoothly in its tracks.

The garage door rollers are the wheels found on either side of the door. They are the contraptions that help slide the door up and down when you open or close it. As you lift the door, the wheels slide up, causing the cables to retract. When you lower the door, the wheels slide down and cause the cables to detract.

Since the rollers play a vital role in the garage door’s entire structure (they literally allow for its up and down movements), they are often subject to damage. Everyday wear is a major cause of problems. However, even if there is damage, that does not mean that you can’t get a garage door roller replacement or repair.


It is not uncommon to experience problems with your garage door rollers. They are a crucial piece to operating your garage door, so damage that comes over time is natural.
When you open and close your garage door and find that it does not move in one fluid motion, then the rollers are most likely the problem. They can get stuck in the garage door tracks and delay you from opening and closing the door easily. Sometimes, the rollers may even become completely unattached from their track. These problems can arise from loose or dented garage door tracks. By not giving the wheels a straight and structured path to slide on, there is no way for the rollers to move fluidly.
Another issue associated with garage door rollers is noise level. Many people experience squeaky garage doors that make annoying sounds when the garage door opens and closes. This is most likely because of the garage door rollers. When there is too much humidity and not enough lubrication, or rust starts to form, the rollers can make annoying sounds you don’t want to hear.

If you find that your rollers are not working properly, especially if you notice they have completely separated from their tracks, do not attempt to open or close the door. Leave it as is until a professional comes to take a look. Without the right approach, you can end up damaging the entire door as well as yourself. We would much rather you safe than sorry, so be sure to call us with any roller problems!

In case one of your springs break, don’t attempt to do any DIY repair or lift the door by yourself. Most doors are very large and deciding to open them by hand may destroy the opener gear, which can be risky for you or your family members.

Some people may decide to repair the door springs on their own. However, we don’t recommend that you do this since inappropriate fixing could result in further damage to the door.

All door components and mechanisms need to be functioning for them to operate effectively. If you don’t have enough knowledge of this kind of work, it’s safer to leave it to a certified technician.

Types of Garage Door Rollers

Plastic Garage Door Roller

Plastic Garage Door Rollers

If you have a door that you don’t use often, plastic rollers could be a good option. They tend to wear out a bit quicker than other types of rollers, due to the material they’re made of. They are not as expensive as other rollers and could get the job done.

Steel Garage Door Rollers

Steel Garage Door Rollers

Steel rollers are considerably more durable than plastic rollers, but you should know that they tend to be much louder than plastic rollers.

Nylon Garage Door Rollers

Nylon Garage Door Rollers

Good quality nylon rollers are usually the best option that you can find. They barely make noise as other rollers do and typically last longer. They may be a bit more expensive, but the difference is made up with better overall performance.

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